Thursday Burger


You want more posts? Well here’s a little insight to the overly scheduled day-to-day, rat-race for a few of us at Blue Sky.

Today, and every Thursday is, “Five Guys Thursday!” Hooray for burger day! We roll a pair of dice to determine who will ride shotgun, if you roll snake eyes you buy everybody a coffee. Then its off to White Plains for the burgers. We head back to work, play Mario Kart, work, go out for coffee, play Mario Kart, work, go home. Got to love Thursdays.




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3 Responses to Thursday Burger

  1. Amaury says:

    This ones are the bests!!! I tryed them in NYC for my first time ( i’m from Barcelona, Spain)
    And i can say that 5 guys best hamburgers in USA for sure !!!!!!!!!!!
    You’re lucky to have this special day just to have an excuse to go there!!!
    jajajajjajajajajajajajja take care!!!!

  2. This seriously sounds like an awesome tradition! I hope that someday I can be at a studio and have awesome colleagues to have traditions like this!

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