Sandy Vs. Blue Sky

I was pretty fortunate in terms of how I personally fared through hurricane Sandy, but sadly I can’t say the same for many co-workers and friends. Many are without power, and some are homeless with little information as to when they can return home. It took a few days but its slowly starting to sink in as to how large the devastation really is in the Tri-State area that Blue Sky calls home.
We’ve been without power at work since the storm, and most of have turned to watching hours of news coverage of the storm’s aftermath. So many stories are heartbreaking and you can’t but help to feel for the thousands of people that are struggling to get there lives back in order.
Although I can’t share the picture, a friend of mine managed to take a picture of a school of fish swimming in what use to be his mail room in Hoboken, NJ! Absolutely crazy. The amazing pictures and stories just continue to roll in.
And although it’s far from as devastating, Blue Sky’s team is anxiously waiting to know when we can return back to work to finish up Epic. A little crunch time animating a cartoon would be a welcome change for many of us here on the east coast.


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2 Responses to Sandy Vs. Blue Sky

  1. Martin Andersson says:

    Just watching this shit on the news is totally crazy. Cant imagine how it is for you.
    Stay well Jeff! Sending love from Sweden.

  2. Nathan McDaniel says:

    Been worried about you guys since Sandy rolled in. Glad to know at least you’re ok Jeff. I’ve been keeping you, Carlos and the rest of the Blue Sky gang in my prayers. Hope you guys recover soon. Keep up the good work!

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