Ice Age: Continental Drift!!! OPEN!!!


This will be the first Blue Sky movie to come out in recent years that I sadly didn’t have much of a hand in. Kinda surreal to be honest, but I went to the wrap party a few days ago and thoroughly enjoyed the film, and am super proud of the team/work family. The movie hits it’s demographic hard, and I just can’t see kids not completely enjoying themselves.


Here’s a great review that actually understands what we at Blue Sky were going for in this film:


“Like its predecessors, the newest installment does not dig as deeply as Pixar aims to do, nor is it as ambitious visually as the most recent films from Dreamworks Animation. (And, in general, the big-budget studio projects all play it safer than animation originating in other parts of the world.)

Yet Blue Sky Studios has established its own niche: modest, well-executed, and colorful tales that honor their primary desire to delight young children without troubling them unduly or insulting the intelligence of their parents. That’s more than a business model; it’s the result of creative choice.”

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1 Response to Ice Age: Continental Drift!!! OPEN!!!

  1. HH says:

    I like the film very much,I like the all the charactors because they are all alive ,and with love ,humor. I love the squirrel specially, I still often imagine you are acting it, because the video you acted as the squirrel for animation reference gives me deep impress, I love the emotion ,I love the movement,I love the wonderful acting! Waiting for more great animations from you~!

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