Epic Trailer


Well here it! Our first trailer for Epic. I’m personally super excited to see what the chatter is about the look and feel. It’s a big leap forward for Blue Sky and I really hope its received well.

Some additional behind-the-scenes info: Most of this stuff is still super in-progress, especially in terms of final lighting and even some design stuff. The look will only get better from what you see here.

And on a personal note, I’m shocked to see I have several shots in the trailer. I did the over-the-shoulder shot of the Boggan (ugly creature) shooting an arrow at the leafman running on the branch, including the following shot of him jumping in the air towards the camera. Also, I did last couple shots of the girl, Mary Katherine, when she’s talking about how she thought it was a dream including the “aww, man” shot.



About Jeff Gabor

Character Animator at Blue Sky Studios!!! Reach me at jagw1r@hotmail.com
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2 Responses to Epic Trailer

  1. russross says:

    Man that movie looks sweet.

  2. jerzy says:

    just great! I love it!

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