The Annie Reel

I was extremely humbled, and still feel incredibly lucky to have won the Annie for Outstanding Character Animation in a Feature Production for my work on Rio. So what did it take to get the Annie that year? Here is exactly what Blue Sky and I submitted to ASIFA. This reel was then voted on by all registered ASIFA members. I was up against 6 other people. Mark Henn, Andreas Deja, Patrik Puhala (also for his work on Rio), Olivier Staphylas, Dan Wagner, and Pierre Perifel. Each of us were restricted to a 1 minute reel of our work.

From what I understand, the top 3 choices from all the ASIFA member then moved on to a final voting round that consisted of pre-selected judges to ultimately decide the winner.

Like I said, I still can’t believe I won, especially considering the competition. Their reels were phenomenal… especially Patrik’s work on Rio. Really beautiful stuff.

All in all it was a great achievement for Blue Sky since this was our first win for character animation. The team was extremely proud and we all celebrated together in the win. Really can’t say enough thanks and can’t really fully express my pride in our team. Congrats to us all.

Here is that 1 minute reel that got Blue Sky it’s Annie. ANNIE REEL


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2 Responses to The Annie Reel

  1. You deserve it! Congratulations!

  2. David Jang says:

    Cool~!! Congrats!!! Big Fan!!!! ^^

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