AnimSchool Teaching


Okay, maybe the headline is a little misleading. I’m not taking on any classes at AnimSchool, but I am happy to announce I’ll being doing weekly critique sessions for AnimSchool students this summer. It’ll be on a first come first served basis, and students will pop in for a general review of there work. I really hope to help some aspiring animators out, while also helping myself gain additional experience critiquing and pushing other animators’ work. Maybe one day these skills will come in handy should I ever move up to supervising a team.

So help me, help you, so I can help me. Haha. Hope to see some of you there starting in July. Check out the school at


About Jeff Gabor

Character Animator at Blue Sky Studios!!! Reach me at
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2 Responses to AnimSchool Teaching

  1. Andrew says:

    haha yes misleading indeed… can’t wait to see you on there Jeff!

  2. Marcus Zaky says:

    waiting u there 🙂

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