2004 School Grad Demo Reel

During FMX, I got a few questions on what it took for me to actually land my job at Blue Sky, and also received a special request to see the reel that I submitted to Blue Sky. I graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado in June of 2004, and  busted my ass to create the following reel:


I submitted this reel to Blue Sky at Siggraph that year, but didn’t actually hear from them until January of 2005, and even then didn’t get hired until after I did an animation test, and waited a further 6 months for the logistics of the hiring process to take place. The detailed story is full of a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but maybe that’s for another post.

There’s no doubt that the competition to get an animator gig is much steeper that it was in 2004, but I’m still proud I accomplished so much with that reel. From modeling, rigging, texturing and animation, I created every bit of that reel in a short 5 month period. I’d certainly be curious if this same reel submitted today would get a response from a company.


About Jeff Gabor

Character Animator at Blue Sky Studios!!! Reach me at jagw1r@hotmail.com
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6 Responses to 2004 School Grad Demo Reel

  1. Leon says:

    I always like to see the reels off Bss animator when they graduated..thanks for posting this , this really inspired me

  2. mikkomikkomikko says:

    It was awesome to meet you at the fmx party last Friday. Thank you for inspiring presentation that you did with Nick!

  3. Thanks for sharing and awesome reel. It’s gives me something to shoot for and reel itself is very inspiring.

  4. Phil says:

    WOW, I remember seeing this reel on the internet back in the day and being completely inspired by it as I was a graduate myself…this used to be on my favourate showreel list.

  5. Marcus Zaky says:

    wow you are very talented .. i wish i can make my animation looks like yours

  6. Martin Andersson says:

    How great that you have a new blog Jeff 🙂 Really awsome to have more frequent posts from you. Must say this reel of your blew me away and as someone said that last part with 2d struck me hard. Never knew you were that great at 2d animation. Its is really incredible. Could you elaborate alittle more on how you did it and when in your career you did it. For me it seems impossible to do 2D and it would be great to hear from you since you do so much 3D (as me).


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