Blue Sky at FMX

Along with my close friend and co-worker, Nick Bruno, I’ll be heading to Stuttgart, Germany to attend this year’s FMX conference. The two of us will be giving a presentation on the in-workings of the ever-popular Scrat. In addition to the Scrat presentation, we have the honor of guest speaking along the side of Ed Hooks during one of his acting seminars. If you happen to be at the conference, I hope you’ll consider stopping by Nick and I’s presentations or simply stop by to say hi while we hover around the conference. Wunderbar!


EDIT (after FMX):

Wow, what a great conference! I had a blast getting the opportunity to head to Stuttgart and talk to so many passionate artists. Thanks to everybody for welcoming us to Germany and sharing so much of your hard work. I think I can say with confidence that both Nick and I  were flattered to get such a great response at our talks, and loved spending one of our days giving feedback to a lot of cool, aspiring artists. Thanks, and I hope I’ll get a chance to see many of you all again.


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3 Responses to Blue Sky at FMX

  1. You and Nick Bruno presentation, for me, was the best presentation of the event. Thank you for sharing such awesome knowledge in a hilariously fun way.

  2. jamesbown says:

    I also think yours and nick Bruno’s presentation was the best at FMX! Thanks for the great feed back on my reel Jeff.
    Hope to see you both next year.

  3. Ferdinand says:

    Thanks to you and Nick for the great presentation at FMX. It was very entertaining, interesting and inspiring!

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