A Mountain Dew Bet


Things don’t always go as smooth as one would hope at a feature film studio, and it ended up being a pretty funny story when I was asked to animate a lengthy (31 second) crying shot of Linda from Rio.

I still remember getting my original kickoff from the director and asking him if he was happy with the audio, because to be honest, I thought the crying was a bit annoying, but Carlos seemed content and I moved forward doing the best with what I was given.

I plowed through my blocking and got mid-way through splining, and my supervisor and director seemed extremely pleased with what I’d come up with for acting choices. It was at that time that my good friend and co-worker Nick Bruno wanted to make a bet, and to the winner… 10 Mountain Dews!!!!

He bet me that there was no way the audio would end up making it into the final movie. Since my supervisor and director had already approved my animation and seemed excited with the results I took Nick Bruno up on his bet.

Months went by… 6 in fact. And then it happened, I was told that new audio was being issued for the shot. Haha, so I lost out on 10 Mountain Dews, had nearly 12 seconds cut out of my shot, and ended up spending another week or so stitching together some very old animation that I had no intention to ever see again. Oh well, I think it was for the best anyhow.

Funny thing is, even the audio I show here in the video isn’t what made it into the film. It was re-recorded one final time, so yeah, things aren’t always smooth as butter at big studios 😀

Just for fun, here’s a comparison to the original audio clip and the one I was issued 6 months later:




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