Horton Hears a Who – Comparison Reel

Well it’s been almost 4 years to the day that I first sent out the Horton Comparison Reel. I basically wanted a way to share my personal animation process to students that were struggling with even the basic understanding of how a feature animation is made. I also knew I was taking a bit of a risk sharing just how much reference I use and rely on in many of my animations. I was afraid people might call me a hack and discredit my work all together. However, I thought it more important to share with students the idea that they can do it. That they can make it into this industry by working hard to develop acting skills, while learning the necessary understanding of 3D software packages.

CG animation plays to a completely different skill set than traditional hand-drawn animation. One can be in this industry without the draftsmanship skills needed by a 2d animator.  I know it sounds blasphemous, but its true. The computer leveled the playing field for many aspiring animators, including myself. I can draw, but there is no way I had, or will likely ever have, the necessary talent/skills to make it as a traditional 2D animator. I could go on, and give my opinion about the specifics that make CG animation so amazing, and beautiful in its own right, but for now I’ll just talk about why I wanted to send the Comparison Reel out to aspiring animators.

So, I sent this reel to the artist run website of my former college. I wanted to show the students there a technique for creating solid looking animation by playing to their strengths as an actor and less on their strengths as a draftsman.

People seemed to dig it. The reel was passed around, and quickly crashed my website.

I’m happy to re-post the reel. I hope its still find a use to students the world over.


PASSWORD: education


About Jeff Gabor

Character Animator at Blue Sky Studios!!! Reach me at jagw1r@hotmail.com
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3 Responses to Horton Hears a Who – Comparison Reel

  1. lucasridley says:

    Thanks for sharing Jeff! I always enjoy seeing your work, also the recent Ice Age scrat dance scene breakdown, that was insightful, and the AnimSchool video – thanks!

  2. Myer3d says:

    I’m glad that you’ve started a blog=) Thanks for your sharing!
    It’s nice to get in touch with professional animators and many of us enjoy your sophisticated character animation.
    Wish you all the best!

  3. Irene says:

    I’m loving your work!!! You’re an incredible Animator!

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